Designing and Creating this Bead Was the Fun Part. However…

Creating the shrink plastic components has been extremely labor intensive!  Here are the steps I’ve taken in their creation;
1. C
ut out over 100 flower shapes
2. Punch a hole in the center of each shape
3. Clean up and file any rough edges
3. Color in the design using permanent ink and stencils
4. Shrink the cutouts one at a time in a silicone mold to create three dimensional shape
5. Enlarge each hole with a drill so it will fit over the string attached to the tassel.
All of these steps are very time consuming when one is making ten floral-themed components per kit in different shapes, patterns, and sizes!

Presently, this is my work area. I’m still in the midst of making various shrink plastic floral components for each kit. I’ve decided to offer the Temple Bead kit, the Amulet components, and the beaded rope with neck ring a la carte. This offering will give one the choice of making just the Temple Bead, which includes one large shrink plastic floral bead. Likewise, the beaded rope kit will be offered separately and will contain all the beads necessary to weave the rope that slips over the included silver-plated 16” neck ring. The Amulet components will be sold in a packet containing the Ganesha bead (in your choice of six colors), a plush neutral-colored tassel that you can color with permanent marker if you wish (my directions show how to do this), ten shrink plastic floral beads in different shapes, patterns, and sizes and four gemstone large-holed beads. Note that the “Tantra Meditation Amulet” will be a limited edition as I have just my present stash of Ganesha beads and tassels. Although I’m hoping to have kits ready by the end of this week, it may be next week before they are ready. I’ll post as soon as everything is listed in my Etsy shop…stay tuned!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 1, 2020.

2 Responses to “Designing and Creating this Bead Was the Fun Part. However…”

  1. Barbara, Are you going to offer a tutorial for the components either separately or as a complete necklace? This is such a beautiful and interesting project, I’d like to tackle it someday. Your ideas have amazed me.
    Take care

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