Kits and Components are Listed!!!

From conception to fruition, countless hours that stretched from weeks into months went into the “Tantra Meditation Amulet” project. It was time well spent and I am so very pleased with the results…I hope you will love this design as much as I do! 

The new kits and components are now listed in my Etsy Shop
The Geometric “Temple Bead” Kit – available in three colourways:
#1 – Red with Blue and Copper, #2 – Green with Blue and Purple, #3 – Teal with Mauve and Wine. One large Orchid Flower shrink plastic component is included with each kit!

The “Beaded Rope” Kit contains two colors of beads and a 16″ silver-plated brass neck ring with removable ball end which will allow you to slip the rope that you bead as well as pendants and charms onto it for wardrobe versatilely!  Available in three colourways:
#1-Red with Blue accent beads, #2-Purple with Blue accent beads, and #3-Teal with Mauve accent beads.

The “Floral-Themed Components and Accent Beads” Kit. Each component is individually handmade using shrink plastic colored with archival permanent inks. Each kit contains one Butterfly and nine floral components plus 8mm and 10mm semi-precious gemstone and novelty beads. Colourway #1 – Red with accent colors, Colourway #2 Green with accent colors, and Colourway #3 Teal with accent colors.

Last, but not least…the “Plush Tassel in Ivory with Abalone Button/Red Thread Accent and 5″ Cord with Resin Ganesha Bead” Kit. Available colors from left to right are:  Light Coral, Pale Peach, Cinnabar, Cobalt, Ivory, and Pale Jade.



~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 10, 2020.

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