How Are You Spending This First Day of 2021?

I’m repairing a Xmas present today. I have no idea how this Johnny Was scarf came to have inch-long tears in four equal corners, but I do love this scarf and am attempting to salvage it. I tried a fusible backing at each torn area, but that didn’t work very well as the silk is so delicate. I finally came up with a solution, which somewhat alters the design, but it is still functional and now truly-one-of-a-kind. Gathering each torn area and twisting into a small knot, I’m stitching tiny color-coordinated beads that anchor the knots in place, which hides each tear and protects the fabric from further destruction. I’m rather liking the uniqueness of the scarf and think it will be splendid tied in turban-like fashion on bad hair days, or draped as a mini-shawl and it will certainly be eye-catching housed in a wicker basket when not being worn. I collect JW scarves and consider them works of art so they are never hidden away in drawers. Instead, they grace baskets and decorative containers and serve as a constant source of delightful eye-candy!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 1, 2021.

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