After Several Months Hiatus…

I finally feel like beading again! The gorgeous weather we’re having today definitely contributes to wanting to take my beading paraphernalia out on the screened porch and start designing a new project! I love my little brocade pouches and mini-tubes that hold just the perfect amount of beads for this purpose. I’m definitely in a turquoise phase, both in working with gemstones and bead colors. It truly is one of my favorite colors ranging from the most subdued shades of aqua to bright Caribbean blues. The stones I’ve recently been using in my metal work are turquoise from the Bisbee mines in Arizona (see my May 31, 2021 post) and here, I’m using Delicas in various shades of turquoise. My plan is to make geometric beaded beads and string them on a leather cord, which I’ll be able to use as a necklace upon which I can hang a sterling silver pendant featuring a Bisbee turquoise stone. Or I can wear it as a doubled bracelet or maybe a really cool hatband! I love wearables and it’s fun to have one piece that functions as several!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on June 6, 2021.

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