My “Primordial” neckpiece is actually a work in progress. I’d been creating components for several weeks and managed to finish enough to show as a neck piece, but I plan to make more components in addition! Versatility is important to me so I created three interlocking sections that can be removed and worn separately or even added to other jewelry pieces. Several more elements are in the works, which will make this a lengthy show-stopping fashion statement! I’ll post a photo of the additional pieces when they are finished! The onyx, carnelian, and rutile quartz stones had been in my stash for over thirty years just waiting for their time to shine in the perfect piece! The most recent additions to find their way into my work are ancient…fossil walrus tooth, mastodon tusk, and fossil trilobite. I’ve placed them on a neck ring that I made from sturdy 6mm round leather cord. I love this piece and can’t bear the idea of storing it out of sight in a jewelry box. To me, it’s pure eye candy so I will display this treasure inside a class topped case that will allow me to view and appreciate this neck piece when I’m not wearing it!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 7, 2021.

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