Hot Times!

Torch in hand…I’m in the midst of soldering a hollow form prayer box pendant. Since taking Susan Lenart’s Intentional Metalsmithing course my comfort level with soldering has grown by leaps and bounds. I’m soldering a filigree bezel and silver components here. I’ll be adding loops at the top and bottom of the pendant and I’m still deciding whether or not to embellish those. I’ve never been one to sketch a design before starting. An idea for a piece just pops into my mind’s eye and I dive in and the design evolves as I work. It’s more time consuming to work this way, but it’s something I’m comfortable with and thankfully, I’m not in a rush. I can afford to take my time and enjoy the process!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 26, 2021.

2 Responses to “Hot Times!”

  1. Barbara I’ve always wanted to try metal work but I didn’t know what to do about my inability to put on paper what I see in my head. With bead work it was simple enough. I wonder if I could do the same thing as you do …
    Your work is awe inspiring and I think I might at least think a bit more seriously about it.


    • Oh, go for it Paula! I think you will love working with metal! Over thirty years ago I started making jewelry, first just stringing beads, but then I took a beginner’s metalsmithing class because I wanted to make my own clasps. My passion for working with metal just grew from then on. I’ve tried sketching out designs, but it’s just not something I’m comfortable with. My mind’s eye visualizes a design and I go from there!


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