‘Serenity’ – A Hollow-Formed Prayer Box Pendant

I have slowly and methodically worked on the above pendant for several weeks. Because I tend not to sketch ideas (yes, I know I should for several reasons; sketches serve as a record of design process, they are a way to explore design options, they save time, etc., but sketching just isn’t my MO), it often takes much longer to bring a finished project to fruition. In this case, I knew that I wanted to make a flower-shaped hollow-formed box and I had a lovely Labradorite cabochon that I intended to use as the focal stone, but I felt the pendant needed more than that. I created tiny grooved pointed embellishments of silver in a shot plate and added one to each of the five flower petals. After soldering them into place I realized that still another design element was in order. Tiny 3mm bezels set with tiny garnets were the perfect addition and I think the result speaks for itself! You may ask what is it that makes this pendant a prayer box? Prior to soldering the front and back flower-shaped disks to the center circumference band of silver, I wrote the word ‘Serenity’ and placed it inside, with intention of metaphysically imbuing the piece with conscious recognition of calm and inner comfort. This pendant serves as a reminder to slow rapid train of thought and ease anxieties, which I find essential to well-being in today’s cataclysmic world. Peace.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 3, 2021.

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