Taking My Time…

Last week flew by and I didn’t really get anything accomplished and that’s okay. Today, I’m back to designing the beading project I started weeks ago…geometric warped square asymmetrical tiered drop earrings. I’ll be offering several colourways…bright tones and subtle tones. I’m writing the tutorial as I go along. I’ll finish one pair and then make a second pair that will be photographed every step along the way. The tutorial and kit will most likely not be ready until late September as I’m having cataract surgery in August…left eye on August 10 and right eye on August 24. I doubt I’ll be doing much that requires close-up work during the month. Over this past year I’ve had difficulty with cloudy vision. I’d clean my glasses again and again and I finally realized that my glasses aren’t getting dirty with smudges more frequently. Instead, it’s my vision that is blurring and I’ve noticed that colors appear to be less bright than they once were. The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be…it’s time to ‘get ‘er done’!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 1, 2022.

2 Responses to “Taking My Time…”

  1. I hope that the cataract surgery goes well and improves your vision. These days, the lenses that they put in can correct your vision, too! Pretty neat!

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