Beads to the Rescue Once Again!

This happens around the same time every year as I shelve my summer wardrobe and transition into my fall/winter garments. I’ll put on one of my wool sweaters and “Drat!” I’ll discover a tiny hole that has been created by munching moth larvae. It’s so disappointing! It’s bad enough when I snag a sweater or one of my beautifully embroidered tops, but I can usually pull those to the inside with a crochet hook. Moth holes are another thing…they destroy the fabric and create a void in the knit and/or weave. If not caught in time and the garment is worn, the hole will increase in size and stitches can drop making a repair all the more tedious. Fortunately, this hole was only about 1/4” in diameter although a repair with thread alone would have been quite noticeable. So I gathered some Charlottes, heishi beads, pearls, and Czech crystals and set to work. I rather like the results and I’ve salvaged an expensive sweater that has many more years of life!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 10, 2022.

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