I Spy…

A new project…it’s just what I needed to jumpstart my enthusiasm for beading. As I’d mentioned before, my beading muse has been incredibly fickle over the past year choosing long departures with no promise of return so when I saw that Laura McCabe was offering a Master Eye Flower Class, I signed on immediately! I had always like the notion of beadworked doll’s eyes since I first saw Laura’s beaded eye sculptures years ago. These eyes may appear a bit creepy to some, but the flower petals tend to soften that aspect somewhat, I think. Anyway, the class is virtual and offered in three parts as weekly videos giving one the chance to work on the project at one’s own pace. I like that Laura shows the basics, but leaves the student to come up with a unique design rather than a class where everyone does the exact same project. The eye I’m working with here measures 24mm and I have ordered several other doll’s eyes in 18mm and 22mm should I decide to make a sculpture featuring more than a single eye flower. Stay tuned as I continue working!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 6, 2022.

2 Responses to “I Spy…”

  1. I love all of Laura’s work. I, too have signed up for this class.

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