Confused about Colors?

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You are not alone….many people have difficulty selecting colors.  They are in a quandary as to which colors compliment or contrast with one another.  I’ve been blessed with an “eye” for color and thankfully, it has never been a problem for me. Advice I always give to those who have trouble selecting colors is to look to nature for color ideas…the various shades of sunrise and sunset, the greens of grass and leaves are just a few. During our midwestern winters when everything is snow-covered and nature’s palette is white, grey, and black, I browse food and fashion magazines for ideas and I go online to check out images of colorful things!  I find tropical fish and sea life incredibly beautiful…nature has a way of putting all the right colors together! I’ve assembled a palette of Delica beads for my next project from the following images and I can’t wait to get started!

It’s Time to Play with Pentagons!

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I’m mixing it up a bit!  Because I’m loving wearing my ”Color Play” Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings, I thought it might be fun to  work up some earrings that are five-sided while playing with color and pattern.  I love asymmetry so it is great fun wearing one Triangle-shaped earring in one ear and a Pentagon-shaped earring in the other…they spin freely on long earwires and have lots of swing and sway too!  As portable projects go, earring designs are perfect to toss in my tote to take-along where ever I might wander!  At the moment, I’m experimenting with purples, greens, blues, and various shades of orange in a stained-glass pattern.  Tomorrow I may add teal and fuchsia to the mix.  Stay tuned!


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Call me lucky! Look what just arrived on my doorstep…a goodie box from #Rangerink containing new offerings from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s #Ice Resin product line! Upon opening the box I’ve found a nifty tote bag, a collection of Susan’s latest #Runes Bezels, a #Bezel Template, #Ice Resin Jewelry Wires, and the latest #Ice Resin Opals; Silver Opal, Sand Opal, and Cobalt Blue, which I’m literally swooning over   I can’t wait to create more Faux Crystals, Druzies, and Opal stones using these new shades. Here’s a sterling silver ring I made using #Ice Resin Opals, Glitz, and Glass Shards.  Incidentally, if you like to play with resin, I have just the tutorial for you!  I was one of twelve artists selected to receive #Rangerink products to try…thank you, Ellen at #Rangerink and thank you so much, Susan, for your creativity and giving spirit…I’ve loved every class I’ve taken from you!

A New Tutorial and Beading Kit!

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The “Color Play” Geometric Drop Earrings tutorial is finished and beading kits for both the “Color Play” Vibrant Brights and “Color Play” Subtle Brights design are assembled.


  You’ll find these items and other goodies in my Etsy shop!


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I’m busy building a new earring wardrobe… here’s the latest addition.  I’ve kicked the geometric triangles up a notch  with a few shades that are borderline neon! I can’t help but feel happy when I’m wearing these “Color Play” – Vivid Brights earrings! They are sure to lift one out of a blue mood! I finished the “Color Play” Subtle Brights earrings (shown below) last week and having primarily worked with mostly subdued colors over the years, they were an exploration in introducing brighter color.  Gosh, I didn’t know what I was missing!  I’m loving the juxtaposition of brights with mellow tones! And these work up so quickly!  Each earring is suspended from a 47mm sterling silver plated stainless steel earwire for a lot of swing and sway!  I’m having such fun making and wearing these!  Coming next…I’m planning to work with other geometric shapes.  Ideas for squares and pentagons are dancing in my head!  The tutorial and kits in both colorways will be listed in my Etsy shop later today! 








Playing with Color!

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I’m easing into designing with bright colors and wanted a simple project that would work up quickly.  The result? Immediate gratification and a new pair of earrings to wear!  I opted for bead-woven triangles as a fun way to combine subtle shades of blue, orange, and lemon (all silver-lined Delicas) with vivid dark red and vibrant pea green opaque beads.  I really like the results! The addition of a single 4mm Czech Druk bead strung on the earwire at the center of each triangle (an orange Druk on the predominantly blue/orange/red triangle and a red Druk on the green/orange/violet triangle) adds a nice finishing touch!  Each geometrically woven double-sided triangle measure 30mm and hangs on a 33mm long silver-plated stainless steel earwire for lots of swing and sway! The title of these earrings is “Color Play”.

It’s Interesting How One’s Tastes Evolve..

•January 19, 2018 • 2 Comments

When I first learned to bead a decade or so ago I preferred to work with beads that were muted in color…transparent or silver-lined or accented with rainbow or metallic finishes. I am still fond of those, but suddenly I find I am attracted to opaque bright-colored beads.  This is quite a leap for me because I found those colors rather garish back then. They were just too “loud”!  I truly don’t know why I find them so appealing now. Perhaps because we are in the midst of winter…the landscape is so white with snow and many days are overcast and grey. There is no color in the neutral tones outdoors at the moment. The frigid temperatures seem to contribute to a craving for the warmth of tropical colors! I’ve just ordered a selection of Delica beads and 4mm round Czech Druk beads in intensely bright shades…juicy yellow shades of mango and pineapple, vivid reds and sunset orange, kiwi and palm frond greens, turquoise and deep Caribbean blues! Just a few of those colors are shown here.  I can’t wait to start a new project using these beads…I can almost hear them sing “Happy” to me!

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