Enough With The Rings Already…

•January 15, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Well, at least for now anyway. I really do love to make and wear rings and believe that one can never have too many! But, I’ll take a temporary break from them and concentrate on pendants for awhile.  I love to wear pendants on neck rings and am always careful to create bails that are large enough to slip on and off…one neck ring that works with several pendants lends a good deal of fashion mileage!  The lower portion of this sterling silver pendant holds an amethyst-colored vintage glass scarab although with the light reflection in this photo it looks more like the profile of a woman’s face! Connected with a nail head link, the upper portion is set with a pale green domed 
varasite cabochon.  To achieve the look of antiquity, I dipped the silver in liver of sulfur to darken the metal and enhance the textured surfaces of the bezel surrounds. 

There’s Gold in Them Hills…

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Having watched the series “Deadwood”, I can imagine the surprise of an old grizzly-bearded prospector coming across a nice sparkling gold-colored nugget of what he thinks is Gold.  The stone in this ring is Pyrite which is often referred to as Fools Gold.  The nugget measures 25mm x 15mm, the perfect size for this oval-shaped ring.  It’s embedded in resin faux black druzy and surrounded by a highly textured bezel.  I’m getting lots of ‘Ooh, I love that ring!’ comments with this one! 

Happy New Year!

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What better way to “Ring in the New Year” than with a ring!  This time I’ve created a sterling silver ring featuring a resin faux amethyst crystal embedded in sparkling faux druzy.  The ring measures 1.25” in diameter. It’s a nice BIG statement piece…just the way I like my jewelry!  I’m definitely not into dainty, diminutive jewelry.  Bad Ass Bling is my thing!!!  Wishing the world a New Year of peace and kindness and to all artists I wish unbridled creativity!

Time to Clean House with a Sale…

•December 26, 2019 • Leave a Comment

I’ve been going over inventory and have decided to closeout several of my earring kits…the “Geometric Mix or Match Narrow Rectangle” Drop Earrings kit and the Mango Brights colourway of my “Color Play Geometric Pentagon Drop Earrings” kit are now both on sale.

Both earring kits were originally $75 and I’ve marked them down by 20% to $60 with free shipping included.   Both designs are worked with matching colourways on one side of the earring and a different color pattern on the opposite side so you can wear them as a matched or mismatched set.  I have a limited number of kits in stock so get a kit(s) while the design is still available!  You’ll find them in my Etsy shop!



Wishing You and Yours…

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The Happiest of Holidays!  This is the scene before we opened our presents. Having put up the Xmas tree before Thanks Giving, we could hardly wait for the celebration to begin!  Like eager children, we sat on the floor cross-legged taking turns opening gifts while Tchaikovsky’s “Nut Cracker” filled the air with magical notes. Cooper joined in the festivities and entertained us by jumping in and out of empty boxes and diving into discarded wrapping paper and bows. Oblivious to the goings on, Jackson had fallen asleep in another room and missed out on all the fun!  Santa brought wonderful surprises and was most generous as usual!  I love this time of year!

Swing and Sway…

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It’s been a while since I’ve made a new pair of earrings.  In fact, it’s been quite a while since I’ve even worn earrings! Neckpieces are what I’ve been making and wearing for the past few months. They are somewhat elaborate and adding earrings to the mix just felt like too much. But for everyday wear, earrings are often enough on their own and I wanted to make a new pair using carnelian stones that had been languishing in my stash for some time.  I like asymmetry and feel the combination of the carnelian bullet juxtaposed with the 10mm faceted carnelian drop works beautifully!  Oxidized square silver wire finished with “nail heads” ends that have been bent and wrapped lend an industrial panache that I find interesting.  At 2.25”in length, this lightweight swinging pair are a nice addition to my collection!

Natural Beauty…

•December 4, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Living in the country surrounded by prairie and forest, I can’t help but be inspired by nature!  I’ve just finished a piece that reminds me of our forest during a Midwestern  autumn.  This pendant is hollow-formed of textured sterling silver embellished with six silver orbs on the top surface and a midsection composed of 5mm (1/4″) hammer-textured bronze sheet followed with a bottom plate of sterling silver.  The focal area is filled with a resin faux moss green crystal that rises from a bed of glass shards, mica, and glitter in colors reminiscent of a bed of dried leaves and forest debris in October.  A small oval bloodstone cabochon dangles from the bottom of the hollow-form.  Measuring 35mm x 9cm in length, the pendant sways from a cast sterling silver twig and cable chain.  Planned for versatility, the top loop of the pendant is large enough to allow sliding it off the twig and chain and placing it on a neckring…I like versatility!  The oxidized finish adds to the rustic feel of this necklace. 

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