Remember those beads in tropical colors?

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I’ve just finished another pair of geometric warped square (inspired by CGB) arrow-shaped drop earrings using yummy greens, pale purple, and oh, how I love these Swarovski Yellow Opal crystals! I’d previously made a pair of striped earrings that hang vertically using the Yellow Opal crystals and every time I wear then, someone compliments the earrings!


They feel light as a feather and really make a fashion statement! When I am wearing these, I never feel the need to wear other jewelry…these earrings steal the show! I want to make another pair using teardrop-shaped crystals and a slightly different design. I hope to have a tutorial for them ready after the craziness of the holidays subsides.  Stay tuned!

At the moment…

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I’m still catching up from being away from my studio for almost two weeks…amazing how much work piles up. There are orders to fill and emails to answer and of course, the cats were so love-starved while we were away and are demanding constant attention! But the countdown is on…only several weeks left to make holiday gifts! I’m choosing fast and fun brooch and earring projects to create for those on my list. If you’re looking for these kind of projects too, I have several super speedy tutorials and beading kits that you can work up just in time for gift giving! 

Marine Life 2 - Bead Embroidered Brooch - Red Tones - Signed Continue reading ‘At the moment…’

You Tarzan. Me…

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I don’t have a specific project in mind for the beads shown below, but I know I want to create something (earrings seem to be my thing of late!) in a “jungle” colourway. I’ve been influenced by the lush foliage of Kauai where I’ve been vacationing and “mellowing out” for the past two weeks. Leaving the leafless trees and grey skies of the midwest for such tropical splendor has done me a world of good! Sun, sand, and surf…exactly what I needed to lift my spirit and jumpstart my creative juices!



Stop the World – I Want to Get Off…

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That is the title of a 1961 musical written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, but I tend to vociferate that phrase when it seems that the world is handing out more craziness than sanity. The issues at hand, sabotage, and  maliciousness between parties in the 2016 election have contributed to a feeling of uneasiness and less optimism for mankind. Grandpa said time and again, “Everything always works out”, and the British believe that “A nice cup of tea will put you right!”, but all I want to do now is escape to the isolation of my studio where I can lose myself in beadwork and clear my head of current events. I’m starting another geometric warped square, which will most likely become an earring with a mosaic-like pattern. Of course, in the design stage it can morph into something else entirely. I let the beads speak and I listen attentively, but I’m in control of the outcome. Burying myself in a colorful bead-filled world is what I need at the moment. The project is fun to do and the end product will be enduring and beautiful!

Still Playing With Warped Squares…

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I’m loving playing with the Warped Square in different colourways! I plan to suspend this Warped Square from a 14 x 10mm Swarovski pear-shaped crystal stone in elegant Dark Moss Green. I’ve finished bezeling the first crystal, but I’m not quite pleased with oval shape it has taken on. I’ll experiment with a second crystal stone using 15/0 seed beads rather than Delicas for the first row and see if that makes the bezel appear more pear-shaped. If all else fails, I know that a 47SS Rivoli will look absolutely perfect and fortunately, I have that size in the same shade of green! This sort of exploration is just part of the designing process and I’m never terribly concerned about tearing my beadwork apart and starting over…it goes with the territory and is a characteristic of one who is by nature a true perfectionist! 


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geometric-warped-square-folded-earrings-modeled-and-signedgeometric-warped-square-folded-earrings-modeled-signedI should have started playing with Warped Squares several years ago when the craze for geometric beading was in its infancy. But there were so many exciting ideas presented in Jean Power’s book “Geometric Beadwork” and Kate McKinnon’s “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” (a third CGB book is due out this year!) that I hardly knew where to start! Back then I honed in on Triangle, Zig Zag, Horned, and Winged designs creating bangles, wraps, and more and tutorials to accompany them. I took a hiatus from beading to work in my metals studio, but those wondrously shiny, sparkly beads in my stash were like a siren calling and I succumbed once again. I’m presently exploring the Warped Square and have created several pair of Warped Square Earrings, which are speedy projects and really fun to create and wear! Shown above is my third pair…I love the 3D effect created by folding the Warped Square onto itself and joining two tips together.  It is suspended from a 47SS Swarovski crystal rivoli. 

They’re Ready!

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pdf_geometric-warped-square-arrow-drop-earrings-beading-kitMy “Geometric Warped Square Arrow” Drop Earrings were such fun to make that I will want to create several more pair in different colors!  I’ve finished the tutorial and assembled several beading kits.  The kit is composed of Delica, seed, and Charlotte beads, Swarovski Crystal Rivolis, and sterling silver ball-tipped ear wires and all are neatly tucked into a 3.5″ x5″ travel tin fitted with a velour beading mat…just toss in your bag and go to your favorite place to bead! Also included…the easy to follow step-by-step tutorial and a 4″ x 6″ color photo. You’ll find the kit and PDF tutorial listed in my Etsy shop!

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