It Started With An Eye Exam…

•February 20, 2019 • 2 Comments

I’d noticed for some time that my vision was becoming just a tad bit blurry.  As it turned out, my left eye had grown weaker and was the culprit.  Enter a new prescription and an opportunity to change frame styles.  These matte black frames caught my eye (pun intended). Quite a departure from my previous rectangular frames, these eyeglasses remind me somewhat of Harry Potter spectacles, but on steroids!  And of course, new frames warrant a new pair of earrings…something a bit funky and quirky.  So I’m working on a pair of geometric long rectangular drop earrings and mixing up the colors juxtaposing gunmetal, greys, and ivory with lime, lavender, and what I like to call taxi cab yellow and tail light red!  I think these glasses and earrings will compliment each other very well.  Look for a tutorial and beading kit some time next week!

You Never Know What You’ll Find!

•February 13, 2019 • 2 Comments

Every now and then I’ll stop in a second-hand shop or thrift store just to see if there are any “treasures” to be had. Well, lucky me.  I found a real treasure this time!  Now, I ask you…does anyone ever have enough jewelry storage?  I have several jewelry boxes, a wall rack, and some stand alone displays, but I’ve almost run out of room with all the beaded earrings I’ve been making of late.  And because I love to create earrings, I see no end in sight!  So this tower was a real find and it holds so many pairs!  What’s more, the earrings look great displayed on it! The bright colors really stand out against this black tower structure.  Pure eye candy!  

Play Time!

•February 7, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Our weather of late leaves little alternative but to stay indoors!  Last week we endured subzero temperatures.  Today, every branch, twig, and horizontal surface is glazed with ice!  It’s magically beautiful, but so treacherous!  I find it far safer to enjoy gazing at the ice crystals from inside my studio!  Having just finished my geometric-beadwoven project, “Princess Ahmanet’s Teardrop Earrings”, and spending several days assembling kits, I’m taking time away from beading to create with paper, paint, stencils, inks, crayons, and embossing powder.  It’s a most welcome activity after having been fairly stationary while sitting at my beading table for days and then at the computer typing the tutorial.  I love the freedom of walking about my workspace, moving from one side of the table to the other and back again, playing with color and new ideas for collage and feeling like a kid!

New Earring Designs Are Listed!

•February 2, 2019 • 2 Comments

Artifacts and Ancient Egyptian lore have always intrigued me. As a child I loved watching “The Mummy” starring Boris Karloff in the 1932 film. His reincarnated princess wore beautiful jewelry made of precious metals and gems and intricate, beautifully beadwoven pieces…what’s not to love! I wanted these earrings to have the look and feel of that jewelry and I think I’ve succeeded with this design! The tutorial and beading kits for my latest geometric beadwoven design, “Princess Ahmanet’s Teardrop Earrings” are now listed in my Etsy shop! The tutorial has instruction for the creation of these earrings in two lengths. The shorter version measures 2″ in  length and the larger version measures 2.5″ in length. The “Princess Ahmanet’s Teardrop Earrings” kit is available in a Royal Blues colourway and a Royal Coral colourway.  The kit contains: Delica Hex Cut beads in six colors, Miyuki Rocaille beads in two colors, two beautiful, petite Swarovski 39SS 8mm Rivolis, one pair of antiqued sterling silver ear wires, an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial accompanied by full color photos, and one handmade card stock folder with color photo.  These earrings work up quickly and are so versatile! I’ve just had a thought…single pearl dangling from the top inside peak of these earrings would be a nice addition for embellishment!  I simply love these earrings!






Cry Me A River…

•January 30, 2019 • Leave a Comment

After creating triangles, squares, warped squares, pentagons, and pointed oval earrings, it is time to experiment with teardrops. My inspiration for this design is Egyptian artifacts and I have titled these earrings “Princess Ahmanet’s Teardrop Earrings”.  Both pairs are made with Delica Hex Cut beads for the extra sparkle the faceted beads impart. Aside from colors used the only difference in the two pairs of earrings is the bead count along the vertical sides and the optional gold bead embellishment at  the tip of the teardrops shown in the Royal Blues Colourway. The backs of both pairs of earrings differ in color from the front so one can decide which side is preferred to wear facing forward. I’ve antiqued the sterling silver earwires to better blend with the bronze and gold beads that were used as well as the ancient look I wanted the earrings to have. A tutorial is in the works and beading kits should be ready and listed in my Etsy shop by the weekend…stay tuned!

Slow Progress…

•January 24, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Although I love not having to deal with bracelet clasps, bangles can be a challenge where fit is concerned.  The first version of this bangle was way too small…I have yet to cut it apart and retrieve all the beads for use in another project.  The second version shown above is an X-Small.  It fits my wrist, but it is difficult to slip over my hand.  If my hand were more flexible, there would be no problem, but it is what it is.  I have not yet started a third bangle. Sometimes after a failure or two I feel it’s wise to move on and attempt a redo at another time when the project once again feels fresh and exciting. Keeping track of time spent on this project was a challenge as too many interruptions occur and I rarely bead for more than four or five hours per day, but over three weeks have elapsed since first embarking on the project and I feel a need for a break from it!  Perhaps I’ll clear up one of my workspaces or play with paper for a while or polymer clay or resin…who knows?  As always there are never enough hours in a day!

It arrived in my mailbox this week and…

•January 20, 2019 • 2 Comments

As I was perusing the pages of the 2019 Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Wireworking and Metalsmithing catalog, to my delight right there on page 39 was my “Elements” necklace!  I had entered it in the 2018 Metal Jewelry-making contest last January and my necklace won an Honorable Mention award.  It was such a nice surprise to see it featured on a full-page. Needless to say, I love FMG! Offering an enormous selection of jewelry-making components and supplies…literally tons of beads in every shape and size, pearls, crystals, metals, polymer and metal clays, resins, findings, tools, displays, beading supplies, and far more than I can list here, FMG has been a major “go to” source for me and I can attest to the wonderful service they have provided over the years. Thank you, FMG!

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