What a Find!

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I’ve been busy over the last week going through drawers, baskets, and boxes filled with so many goodies that I’d forgotten I had! I’ve come across fabulous finds from bead shows I’d attended over the years including a treasure trove of these sweet tiny sitting Buddha beads made of resin in faux Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Jade. They truly do look like the real thing! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t yet made anything with them! But that’s how it is! One comes home from a bead show loaded up with so much eye candy and a plethora of ideas. With creative juices overflowing and so many design possibilities running through my head, I’d hardly know where to begin. Some items just were put away for future projects and then ultimately forgotten. Now that I’ve found these, I’m toying with several ideas for using them…earrings of course as they are a perfect size! But, I’m also contemplating featuring them in other designs. A Buddha bead dangling as a charm on a bracelet or as a component on a string of prayer beads? I have more of these little Buddha beads than I can use so I have listed them in my Etsy shop

More Fun!

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My “Big Top” Earrings are a hit, but I’ve received several requests for earrings similar in theme, but simple to make for those who don’t bead weave. I’ve come up with a design that anyone can make because all the beads are strung. I’ve titled this design “Side Show” because they also have circus elephants, colorful novelty beads and lots of whimsy! You can easily make them in an hour or two. I’ve assembled several kits which include all of the components used in the these earrings…resin elephant beads, handmade shrink plastic beads in three sizes, novelty beads and sterling silver ear wires. The short tutorial includes instructions for making shrink plastic beads (just because it’s fun to play with!) and assembly of the earrings. All you supply is needle and thread and a few hours of fun! You’ll find the “Side Show” Earrings kit in my Etsy shop!

Let the Fun Begin!

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Hurray! My “Big Top” Earrings kits are assembled and listed in my Etsy shop!  I know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this fun project. Available in two colourways (red/yellow/blue and fuchsia/teal/purple) each Beading Kit Contains;
*11/0 Delica beads
*15/0 Toho seed beads
*11/0 Toho seed beads
*3mm Toho tube beads
*Six handmade (by me) shrink plastic componen
*Two resin Elephant beads
*Two altered gear-shaped beads
*Two Druk beads
*Sterling silver earrings
*Clear and concise step-by-step instructions are accompanied by large, full color photos and color charts that show you everything you need to know to complete the project including how to work with shrink plastic (which is a lot of fun!) even though I’ve included 
finished handmade components in the kit.

Fuchsia, Teal, and Purple…

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I really like these colors! I’ve just finished beading a second pair of fun “Big Top” earrings. I truly love the bright red, yellow, and blue of the first pair, but I wanted to make another pair in a more subdued colourway, colors that are darker, yet still vivid and lively. The earrings are made with Delica, 15/0 and 11/0 seed beads as well as 3mm tube beads. They measure 2.5″ in length from the ear wire to the novelty bead base upon which a tiny ivory-colored elephant stands. Although the earrings are rather substantial, they are almost feather light! I love how they move and sway to and fro as I turn my head! Presently, I’m in the midst of fine-tuning the tutorial and I promise it will be ready very soon. Kits will follow as well as listings for just the novelty beads and darling elephant components. Stay tuned!

It’s Always Something…

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I’ve been working on the tutorial for my “Big Top” Earrings design this past week and all was going swimmingly, until I had to take a few more process photos. That’s when I discovered that pieces of the memory card had broken off and lodged in the card slot of my camera. In trying to remove the debris, the metal prongs inside the card slot were disturbed and would no longer read any memory card I inserted. This was quite a dilemma for me in that I rely  heavily on a good camera for taking step-by-step photos for my tutorials. And before you suggest that I take photos with my phone or tablet, let me tell you that although these cameras have improved considerably they aren’t an option when one needs to shoot photos that are 300px in RAW format. I really can’t be without a good camera for very long so sending it in for repair was not a consideration. Add to that the cost involved in repairing an eleven year old camera when digital photography has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. There was no question in my mind that I needed to invest in a new camera, but it required quite a bit of research as to which camera to buy. There is such a vast choice of models and brands to choose from! I had been using a Nikon D-90 and  decided on a D7500 as I can use lenses that I already have and I’m familiar with the dials, switches and various buttons (also referred to as all the bells and whistles) that Nikon cameras have. Still, there will be a learning curve as there is with any newer gadget and I’m awaiting a copy of “The Nikon D-7500 for Dummies” to arrive. In the meantime, I’m working on a second colourway to include in the “Big Top” tutorial…something different, but still vivid and very lively from the bright red, yellow, and blue (reminiscent of colors used on a carton of “Animal Crackers” and fittingly circus-like!) of the first pair shown in my previous post, but still very lively. Stay tuned!

Step Right Up For…

•September 26, 2020 • 1 Comment

The Greatest Show on Earth! That was the famous line the Barnum and Bailey Circus coined. I loved going to the circus as a child…the colorful costumes, clown antics, balancing acts and all the other attractions constituted major excitement and wonder! While rummaging in my stash, I found a treasure trove of tiny ivory-colored elephants that I had purchased at Bead & Button years ago. I just knew that I had to create something circus-themed so I made a pair of earrings that I’ve titled “Big Top”. Bright red, blue and yellow Delica beads are used in the dome and metallic bronze bugle beads comprise the fringe…all contribute to the feeling of a carousel! I’ve added several shrink plastic components upon which the elephants pose. Measuring 2.5″ long, the earrings are very lightweight and did you know that elephants with trunks that point upward are said to bring good luck? Double win!! Next week, I’ll be writing the tutorial and beading another pair in a second colourway. I’ll let you know as soon as tutorials and kits are listed in my Etsy shop! Oh, and I’ll have some of these darling little elephants listed in my shop as well! Stay tuned!

Never One To Rest On My Laurels…

•September 18, 2020 • 2 Comments

I’m at it again…working on a new project. After spending several months on my most recent project, the “Tantra Meditation Amulet”, I need something that works up a lot faster! And that’s where this new design for earrings comes in! I’m using bright, happy colors and I’ll give you a hint…the two little elephants you see here will be featured in this design! Stay tuned!

Kits and Components are Listed!!!

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From conception to fruition, countless hours that stretched from weeks into months went into the “Tantra Meditation Amulet” project. It was time well spent and I am so very pleased with the results…I hope you will love this design as much as I do! 

The new kits and components are now listed in my Etsy Shop
The Geometric “Temple Bead” Kit – available in three colourways:
#1 – Red with Blue and Copper, #2 – Green with Blue and Purple, #3 – Teal with Mauve and Wine. One large Orchid Flower shrink plastic component is included with each kit!

The “Beaded Rope” Kit contains two colors of beads and a 16″ silver-plated brass neck ring with removable ball end which will allow you to slip the rope that you bead as well as pendants and charms onto it for wardrobe versatilely!  Available in three colourways:
#1-Red with Blue accent beads, #2-Purple with Blue accent beads, and #3-Teal with Mauve accent beads.

The “Floral-Themed Components and Accent Beads” Kit. Each component is individually handmade using shrink plastic colored with archival permanent inks. Each kit contains one Butterfly and nine floral components plus 8mm and 10mm semi-precious gemstone and novelty beads. Colourway #1 – Red with accent colors, Colourway #2 Green with accent colors, and Colourway #3 Teal with accent colors.

Last, but not least…the “Plush Tassel in Ivory with Abalone Button/Red Thread Accent and 5″ Cord with Resin Ganesha Bead” Kit. Available colors from left to right are:  Light Coral, Pale Peach, Cinnabar, Cobalt, Ivory, and Pale Jade.



The Tutorial is Finished!

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It seems like forever since I began this project, but it has finally come to fruition and the “Tantra Meditation Amulet and Temple Bead Component” tutorial is now in my Etsy shop! The tutorial is all inclusive and has instruction for beading the Geometric “Temple Bead”, making the Shrink Plastic floral-themed beads, assembling the “Tantra Meditation Amulet”, and directions for creating a beaded rope that slips onto a neck ring. Within the next day or two I will also have the “Temple Bead” kit and components listed as a la carte offerings (a plush tassel with Ganesha bead, Floral-themed and accent beads, a Beaded Rope kit with neck ring)…all will be offered separately for those who would rather not make the entire project. I’ll post as soon as they are listed…stay tuned! 

Testing with a Final Temple Bead…

•September 4, 2020 • 2 Comments

This will be my fifth Temple bead! I’m giving it a final go because it’s so important to make sure that each and every step of the tutorial is correct!  Designing takes a lot of time. The first Temple bead was purely experimental in both color and design. I wanted to create a project based on a theme of peace and tranquility and I loved the results! The second Temple bead gave me a chance to work with different color combinations as I jotted directions along the way. The third Temple bead was worked from the notes I had taken and typed as a draft. The fourth Temple bead was worked as I photographed each step of its creation. Now I’m proofing and “fine tuning” the tutorial with this fifth bead. I find that the best way to catch mistakes or grammatical errors is to make a final bead. This time I chose a colourway of olive/forest/bronze accented with silver beads. The impetus for these color choices coincided with a shipment of round gem-stones beads that I received this week…it included a strand of beautiful 6mm jade beads and this final Temple bead will be an integral part of a Mala (prayer beads) strand to wear as a necklace. I’m eager to make it, but it will have to wait until I have the “Tantra Meditation Amulet” tutorial and kits listed in my shop and I’m counting on that happening very soon. Stay tuned!

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