Working With Surface Embellishment!

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Last week I watched Susan Lenart’s “On the Surface” class and I simply couldn’t wait to create usLast week I watched Susan Lenart’s “On the Surface” class and I simply couldn’t wait to create using the techniques I learned! I decided to make a hollow-form prayer box ring because I LOVE rings! I began by texturing and cutting out two elongated heart shapes and added three bezels to the top. I soldered sterling silver 1.5mm quarter inch strip wire to the other heart shape and then soldered both sides of the heart together. Now for really the fun part…a length of berry wire was soldered to the left side and bottom center of the heart and silver spheres to the right side. Twisted wire was added around the inverted tear-drop bezel accompanied by other surface embellishments of scrolled wire, petite flowers cut from berry wire, and granulation. With the final soldering step of a wide adjustable ring band, this beauty was ready for a dip in liver of sulfur to darken the sterling silver and give it an old world finish. The cabochons (amber, coral, and cherry quartz) were set and Voila! A beautiful ring graces my finger! Love it!!!

And So It Begins…

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I’m beginning to sketch design ideas for my next piece. I received a gorgeous pendant from India as a Xmas present and my idea is to integrate it with jewelry pieces that I will create adding fossils and gemstones to the mix. The sketch above is just one of several ideas I have. I’m carefully sorting through my stash looking for elements that will not only enhance, but that will also be implemented as talismans. I’m in no rush. I consider time spent doing this to be a very pleasant aspect of the creation process. I’m also amazed at how many components I come across that I forgot I had!

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

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I usually leave the tree and decorations up until February…as long as we have snow I want to extend the holidays! The lights on the Xmas tree make everything seem brighter! As Covid progressed from its infancy to full-blown pandemic, I left our tree up from November 2019 until May of 2021! I really needed to see those lights! As for Xmas cards, I save those I receive from friends and family and use them as book-markers…it’s always a treat to pick up a book months later and read the warm wishes from those I love! With this, I wish you a Happy New Year…may it be more auspicious for our planet and it’s inhabitants!


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Santa was very good to me! He brought everything on my list including some beautiful jewelry-related books, a selection of fancy gallery wire for making bezels, and rose-cut turquoise gemstones. The pièce de résistance is a beautiful silver pendant from India (shown bottom center in the photo)! I intend to incorporate it in a statement piece with a large amethyst druzy that I have had in my stash for some time along with various other gemstones. I’m really excited about this new design, although it is presently in its infancy. I seldom sketch, preferring to create lots of components and then deciding on their assembly, but with the large and very significant piece that I intend to create, I think it will save time in the long run if I design on paper before I sit at my jeweler’s bench with saw in hand. Stay tuned…this piece will not be hurried, but certainly worth the wait!

Merry Xmas!

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Wishing you and yours the Happiest of Holidays!

Look at These Oldies…

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Susan Lenart Kazmer brought fossils back from her recent adventures in Morocco and I was lucky enough to score these! They are the perfect size to use for accent components for pendants, rings, and earrings. I love using fossils along with gemstones and find the contrast of ancient fossilized creatures against the brilliance of sparkling gems so appealing. I have a lot of ideas for using these in my work and am looking forward to exploring new design ideas with these!

And the Color of 2022 is…

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Very Peri  (PANTONE 17-3938). It’s a lighter shade of purple-blue than the Iolite cabochons used in these earrings, but is somewhat similar being the same color family. In bright light, the deep purple color is far less subdued than you see in the photo here. In bright light they gleam reddish purple! Cast sterling silver twigs dangle beneath and a small garnet cabochon is attached to the bottom the earring on the right. Measuring 2.75″ in length they are quite lightweight and delicate looking.

Older Than Methuselah…

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Having my jewelry seen as pretty things to wear is fine, but I want to impart more depth into the pieces I create. To that end I often incorporate components of gemstones and fossils in my work. Whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, my belief is that creatures that inhabited the earth hundreds to millions of years ago represent a mystical connection to all things presently alive. Do you feel that way too?

These shark vertebra, ammonite, trilobite, and sea urchin fossils are far smaller than they appear in the above photo…the largest shark vertebra measures less than a half-inch in diameter so you can imagine how tiny the others are! They will be beautiful set in silver bezels! This collection is from Gary Wilson Lapidary (you can find him as rockhoundgaryb on Instagram). He’s at the Tucson Gem Show every February and various other venues, but thankfully he does mail order for those of us who can’t attend. I also have a collection of fossils on the way that I ordered from Susan Lenart Kazmer brought them back from her recent journey to Morocco. They’re in the mail now and I can hardly wait till they arrive!

As Old As The Hills…

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I’ve just finished this large prayer-box ring…it measures 2.5″ in length! Accented with twisted sterling silver and gallery wire, and decorative fine silver embellishments, it features a fossil Orthoceras, labradorite and garnet cabochons. What is an Orthoceras? It’s an ancient mollusk…an extinct Nautiloid cephalopod that lived from the Ordovician Period to the Triassic Period (500 – 200 million years ago). At that time, the earth was mostly covered in water. It had a soft squid-like body inside a cone shell and could grow to fourteen feet in length. Over time, its aragonite shell turned into calcite and fossilized. Wearing this fossil Orthoceras makes this septuagenarian feel pretty darn young by comparison!

During This Past Week…

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I’ve been busy assembling beading kits and filling orders that have come in during my Holiday Sale. The sale ends today at midnight so you still have a few hours to shop for gifts and/or to treat yourself! Upon checking out be sure to type in the code: cyber2021 for a 15% discount on purchases of $75 on absolutely EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop…tutorials, beading kits, components, and one-of-a-kind Art Jewelry! Hurry…times running out. Happy Shopping!

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