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After a day in the metals studio where I have been hammering, sawing, soldering, and composing pieces of jewelry, I need some Zen time and this is my go-to space. It’s the sitting area in the bedroom where I can open the door and listen to the sounds of nature and meditate. I prefer to clear my mind at day’s end. I find doing this promotes a restful night’s sleep after which I am most likely to awake refreshed in the morning with renewed creative energy. It’s an important ritual for me…the cats seem to like it too!

Finished, But…

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I did make several changes from the original layout. I had planned to add several more stones, but the piece became far too heavy and would have been uncomfortable to wear had they not been eliminated. Still, there is more than enough interest going on in my “Endurance” Talisman Neckpiece. Composed of fine silver cast twigs, red jasper, coral, garnet, and fossil walrus tooth, carved mammoth bone, shark tooth, and crinoid I chose to suspend the pendant from sturdy leather cord, which will lend the this 2.5″ x 7″ piece stability as well as a snug fit.

What’s On My Bench Now…

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I’m working on a neckpiece with lots of components. Cast fine silver twigs, fossil mammoth, shark tooth, and crinoid, along with coral, garnet, granite, carnelian, onyx, red jasper, and labradorite…all of these elements will compose this piece. I’m torn between suspending it from a single bail on a leather neck ring or having it hang from two bails and chain. It will be one or the other…I have time to decide. Gosh, I can’t wait to wear this piece!

Do You Remember This?

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I had sold out of this cute little spoon a while back which meant my “Tube Bead Embellishment” kit was no longer available. Hurray! I now have four more in stock in my Etsy shop! If you’ve been wanting to order this kit, get one now before they are gone!


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This project was from the March “Unfolding” course taught by Susan Lenart and the photo at left shows how the above ring looked while I was soldering embellishments in place. The process entailed quite a few steps to ensure that every element was in the correct position and adhered properly to the base layer of sterling silver. You can see the textured silver background in the finished ring. Small cabochons of garnet are positioned at either side of a 10x20mm Marquise cut Citrine. I do love the way this ring fits on my middle finger as well as my thumb!

A New Colourway…

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I've always loved the deep blue/green colourway of my geometrically bead woven "Loch Ness Sea Dragon III", but I recently received a kit order for a custom color with golden tones and this is the combination of colors that I and bronze tones juxtaposed against deep, rich shades of iris khaki, metallic rainbow gold, and matt metallic bronze and rainbow olive-rose. It's a yummy combination, if I do say so myself! You can find the tutorial and beading kit in my Etsy Shop.

An Unusual Find…

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I have quite a cigar box collection and this is the latest addition. Cigar boxes come in quite handy for use as displays and for storage. I found this unique oddly-shaped box in an antique shop on my last visit to Santa Rosa, CA. I’d never seen a box like this anywhere! The wood is in great condition and the image inside the lid is so beautiful! This box is the perfect size for storing cabochons. I can easy attach gemstones onto business cards that fit like a glove inside this box. Lucky me!

I Love Cool Tools and Free Shipping!

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Whether working with metal, polymer clay, resin, or other mediums Cool Tools has always been one of my very favorite vendors. FYI…I’ve just received notice that they are offering Free Shipping This Weekend. Normally they have a pretty high threshold for free shipping so I’m definitely going to peruse their website this weekend!

Gettin’ There…

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I’m working on a project from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s “Unfolding” membership. Each month a new project is presented and it’s fascinating to see the varied results interpreted and executed by members of the group. The April project of “Unfolding” is devoted to “The Art of Alignment” and the project is a long necklace using colored stones that represent the seven Chakras. I have my sterling silver bezels made and I’ll be creating attachment components and then dipping everything into a solution of liver of sulfur to obtain an antiqued finish, and finally setting these beautiful gemstones. I’ll show the finished piece in a following post…stay tuned!

A Force of Nature…

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Not just another pretty piece…I want to create jewelry that has a voice and this piece definitely speaks to me. It tells me stories of ancient beings that roamed the earth and of the secret beauty of crystals and gemstones that lie housed in the center of dull gray geodes. Druzy, citrine, garnet, fossil walrus tooth, trilobite, and antler tip are set in sterling silver and accented with a fine silver cast twig. The antler tip lies pointing left toward my heart…a reminder that life is ephemeral and meant to be lived to its fullest!

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