Natural Beauty…

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Living in the country surrounded by prairie and forest, I can’t help but be inspired by nature!  I’ve just finished a piece that reminds me of our forest during a Midwestern  autumn.  This pendant is hollow-formed of textured sterling silver embellished with six silver orbs on the top surface and a midsection composed of 5mm (1/4″) hammer-textured bronze sheet followed with a bottom plate of sterling silver.  The focal area is filled with a resin faux moss green crystal that rises from a bed of glass shards, mica, and glitter in colors reminiscent of a bed of dried leaves and forest debris in October.  A small oval bloodstone cabochon dangles from the bottom of the hollow-form.  Measuring 35mm x 9cm in length, the pendant sways from a cast sterling silver twig and cable chain.  Planned for versatility, the top loop of the pendant is large enough to allow sliding it off the twig and chain and placing it on a neckring…I like versatility!  The oxidized finish adds to the rustic feel of this necklace. 

More Resin Works in Progress…

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I so love wearing the rings I’ve made using faux crystals!  Everywhere I go people comment on how unusual they are and ask what types of stones I’ve used in them. IMHO, faux crystals made from resin are fantastic substitutes for the real thing…not only are they beautiful, but incredibly durable.  Had I used actual crystals in the rings I recently made, they would have broken or chipped by now as I’m rather hard on jewelry, dropping pieces or clumsily knocking them against doorways and walls! Shown in the above photo and fresh out of their silicon molds is a collection of yellow-green faux Beryl crystals that I made this past week.  I intend to make more rings (of course!  Can one ever have too many rings?  I think not!) and perhaps several drop pendants using these as focal stones set in sterling silver. Stay tuned!


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I’m not ready for this!  Winter weather has arrived far too early bringing with it snow, sleet, and single digit temperatures.  It’s no wonder I’ve felt inclined to put up the Xmas tree and start wrapping presents already!  I do believe our frigid weather has been the inspiration for the creation of the massive (38mm in diameter) double-tiered sterling silver ring I just finished.  The focal is a frosty-looking translucent resin faux crystal that looks so very ice-like!  In daylight the faux crystal takes on a pale  appearance, but at night and under dim light it has tremendous opalescent aquamarine depth! Embedded in a “sea” of sparkling blue-green glass shards and extra-fine glitter the faux crystal make me think of a floating iceberg.  Given its size and appearance, I’ve titled this ring “Titanic”.  It definitely is a statement piece and I absolutely love everything about it!

Is Bigger Better?

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In my opinion, when it comes to rings, bigger is definitely better!  Creating statement rings is what I’m into at the moment and I’m loving them! I’d been working on a trio of sterling silver rings over the past several weeks and have finally finished them.  Each of the rings measures approximately 1.25″ in diameter and are embellished with various textures.  They were all tremendous fun to create although I did encounter several challenges in their execution!

I enjoy making resin components and using them in the jewelry I make.  The resin faux aquamarine crystal used in the above ring was formed in a silicone mold that I made from a cluster of natural crystals.  I love the teal color I was able to achieve by mixing blue and green alcohol inks together.

A natural urchin shell was used to create the silicone mold for the resin faux urchin cabochon used in the ring shown here.  It has wonderful nubbly texture and a sublte iridescent shimmer.  A rectangle of 18k gold bimetal joins the ends of the purposely uneven bezel (because we all know that in nature nothing is exactly perfect!).  A flat oval-shaped platform of scratch-textured sterling silver rests upon the hammer-textured ring band.  

Natural Red Creek Jasper was used in the ring at left.  The cabochon is surrounded by six 4mm decorative orbs on a double plate of sterling silver raised on a tier above the ring band.  I love this trio of rings and feel hard pressed to part with them at present…I have to live with my creations for a while before I can let them go!







Maybe It’s The Weather…

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My workbench is filled with half-finished jewelry projects, but frankly, I just want to hibernate today!  I feel like a bear…ready to hunker down inside a cave for the winter.  The fact that our first measurable snowfall has come extremely early may be the cause.  We had our first snowfall before Halloween!  The promise of a long beautiful autumn is dashed and I fear we are in for a very long winter!  Four inches of snow overnight and up to eight inches is predicted.  I’ll add that I’m thankful it’s snow rather than the disastrous fires California is experiencing!  However, today my energy level is nil and even several cups of strong coffee have not bolstered my drive. I’m feeling content to do absolutely nothing.  Cozying up under a comforter in front of the fireplace with the cats and listening to a book on Audible (The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson in honor of Halloween!) seems a very good thing to do today! Thankfully, I have no commitments and have the luxury to just be.  Tomorrow my energy may return and I’ll be back at the bench working on the collection of rings and components that I started last week…then again, perhaps not.  Life is good either way!


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The present day term, Amulet, denotes an ornament or charm thought to bestow mystical powers and/or provide protection against evil, danger, or disease.  I made this charm necklace a year or two ago starting with just four charms (the deer antler with pearl, faux peridot crystal drop, withered leaf and belladonna blossom, both made of fine silver metal clay), but I have recently added several more elements.  I find that I wear this necklace more often than any other piece of jewelry in my collection.  Does it bring me good luck?  I don’t know, but I consider myself to have always been very lucky and I hope my luck holds out till the end!  I like the idea of wearing amulets for all of the above reasons.  However, I’ve titled this piece “Magpie Treasure” because not only does it sport a magpie’s head hand-carved from horn, but because magpies are attracted to and collect objects that are bright and shiny…as am I.  Had I wings, I’d be swooping down on all matter of “treasure”, particularly objects that glitter and glisten both in sun and moonlight!   

Lots Going On Here!

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Workbench 10-18-19

Lest you surmise that I’ve spent the last few weeks lounging around, eating bon-bons and drinking champagne, this should set the record straight…my
workbench has been a hub of creativity!  I’ve been making components galore that will eventually be used in neckpieces, bracelets and earrings and I’ve been working on several ring designs, some of which will be set with cabochons and others will sport resin faux crystals. Many pieces are in process at the same time as my butterfly eye flits around my workbench surface that is overflowing with geodes, semi-precious stones, vintage pressed glass cabs and tools.  No matter how pristine my work area is at the start of a workday, it inevitably ends up with every inch blanketed with tools and components!  Presently I’m using a lot of square silver wire in my work.  As I have coils of round wire in stock, I’m using a square draw plate (shown center bottom of the large photo) to pull the wire into a square shape and smaller gauge. Works in progressAs much as I love wearing jewelry, I find the process and many challenges that comprise the creation of jewelry to be most exciting!  It’s what makes me want to dash into the studio each and every day!  What’s a weekend?  It’s more time to spend in the studio!  I’m eager to show you finished pieces!  Stay tuned. All in good time!

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