More to Love…

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I’ve just added a collection of Art Jewelry Earrings to my Etsy shop. The handmade earrings in this collection are all One-of-a-Kind. All but a single pair feature Sterling Silver ear wires and Fine Silver and/or Bronze metal clay components which are quite time-consuming to create. Because each piece is created by hand no two pieces are ever identical, which I feel makes them very special! I no longer do commissioned work nor will these designs be repeated. When these are gone…they’re gone. It’s not too early to start thinking about holiday gift giving…time flies!

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might…

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If ever there were an object one could wish upon, I think this pendant would be it. The glow of the opal breathes such fire and light! Measuring 3″ x 1.5″ and flanked by garnet and milky aquamarine rose cut cabochons, this pendant can be worn on a neck ring as shown or a long chain. This one’s a keeper…at least for now. I find it difficult to let go of newly created work.

Two Done, More to Come…

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Goodness, listing takes a lot of time! Taking photos of finished pieces from several angles, then editing the photos, writing descriptions and editing written content, and I’ve started adding video clips as well so each piece can be shown in more dimension…well, you get the picture (no pun intended!). Rome wasn’t built in a day and I realize that listing my jewelry is going to be a slow process, but it’s certainly worth it!

The above one-of-a-kind hollow-formed prayer box pendant is composed of hammer-textured Sterling Silver with a quarter inch Bronze band at the circumference. At the center is a resin faux Peridot crystal embedded in resin faux druzy. A 10 x 12mm Bloodstone cabochon dangles at the bottom. This pendant is suspended on a versatile 32″ 4mm thick deep brown leather cord with handmade sterling silver findings. The cord can be wrapped twice to wear as a choker. I have titled this piece “Magique” as Blood Stone and Peridot are believed to have metaphysical properties that impart good health, well-being, and prosperity.

Bit by Bit…

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I’m beginning to add metal work to my Etsy shop. I’ve just listed these fun hammer-textured steel bangles that are embellished with Argentium Sterling Silver. Several have handmade fine silver and bronze metal clay charms and one bangle is wrapped with coils of polymer clay. Wear a single bangle or a stack of them! ‘More is More…less is a bore’, in the words of Iris Apfel! Check back often as I’ll be adding more of my metal work jewelry in the coming weeks!

Another B-Day Gift…

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I love this book…“Switched On: women who revolutionized style in the ’60s”. My favorite model of the 1960’s, Jean Shrimpton, graces the cover. I remember seeing this photo fifty-plus years ago when it appeared on the cover of Vogue. I was a high school sophomore at the time and I was in love with fashion even then. My eyes devoured everything on the glossy pages of fashion magazines beginning with Seventeen magazine when I was still in 8th grade! As a small town girl, I couldn’t wait to escape to the “big city”. At that time I dreamed of being a “jet-setter”…rich and famous just like all the models and celebrities in those magazines! I pursued a career in beauty and sold cosmetics to put myself through cosmetology school. During the 1970’s I was an Estee Lauder Cosmetics representative and in the 1980’s worked as a commercial model and taught modeling classes. Paging through this book with quotes from then editor in chief at Vogue, Diana Vreeland, fashion designers, trendsetters, celebrities, and other notorieities of that era is a trip down memory lane for me! During all those years I did find time to learn crafts…I threw myself into ceramics, opened a weaving studio that grew into a yarn shop, and took various art classes and workshops. It wasn’t until 1990 that I started making jewelry, but fashion and beauty have been in my blood from the get-go. I truly enjoy going into my closet and choosing what I will wear every day, pulling my ”ensemble” together with care. And I love makeup! It sets my mood for the day. Perhaps I live in what some would call a fantasy land, but it works for me. I have and always will love glamour!

Birthday Bling!

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The Birthday Fairy was exceptionally good to me, but then it’s not every day one turns 73! Besides some lovely additions to my wardrobe I was gifted two beautiful books filled with photos of beautifully crafted jewelry pieces. I’ll be spending today delving into the pages of these books. Inspiration abounds!

I’m Gettin’ My Cowgirl On…

•September 14, 2021 • 2 Comments
“Lone Heart” Hollow-Formed Sterling Silver Pendant

It’s been a long time since I’ve worn cowgirl boots. I recently tried on the two pair of thirty year old boots I had and found I had outgrown them by a full size! So out with the old and in with the new! To replace them, I ordered a pair of tooled leather beauties with a squared toe and lower heel that will be far more comfortable to wear! Good timing…I had just finished the above “Lone Heart” hollow-formed sterling silver pendant.The turquoise focal stone and red and white coral cabochons pair perfectly with the western style I’m going for…Happy Trails!

I Can’t Help It…

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I just love Iris Appel! At 100 years old her style is so inspirational! She wears wonderfully outlandish clothing and her fabulous jewelry collection is to die for! She’s elegant and tall and can get away with piling on loads of beads and baubles that look superb on her frame. Just look at the many beaded bangles she wears in the above photo! Wow! Being a petite 5’1” tall, I would drown in the amount of jewelry Iris sports, but if I were as tall as she, I would definitely bedeck myself in a plethora of bling! Her attitude is ever optimistic and most likely contributes to her longevity. She has said, ‘When the fun goes out of dressing, you might as well be dead.’ and ‘Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.’ I agree!

My Latest Favorite Earrings!

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I’m still loving working with cast silver twigs! This pair of earrings is “hot off the press” and have quickly become my new favorite dangles to wear! I love the tiny branches jutting from the main body of each silver twig and as much as I love gemstones, I have such an affinity and reverence for fossil walrus teeth…the very fact that they once were part of a living being imparts special signifigance and spirit to any work they grace. The neutral tones coordinate with almost any clothing in my wardrobe. And the length of each earring is 3″, which I consider a perfect length for drop earrings!

Hot Times!

•August 26, 2021 • 2 Comments

Torch in hand…I’m in the midst of soldering a hollow form prayer box pendant. Since taking Susan Lenart’s Intentional Metalsmithing course my comfort level with soldering has grown by leaps and bounds. I’m soldering a filigree bezel and silver components here. I’ll be adding loops at the top and bottom of the pendant and I’m still deciding whether or not to embellish those. I’ve never been one to sketch a design before starting. An idea for a piece just pops into my mind’s eye and I dive in and the design evolves as I work. It’s more time consuming to work this way, but it’s something I’m comfortable with and thankfully, I’m not in a rush. I can afford to take my time and enjoy the process!

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