Repurposing again…

•January 13, 2018 • 2 Comments

I love giving objects a second life and having just finished with the holidays, I found that many of the gifts we received were packaged in wonderfully sturdy, reusable  boxes! This particular box housed teabags in four  individual compartments (each measuring 3.25 x3.25 inches) that are ample enough to hold tubes and jars of beads as well as other supplies and ephemera. An additional feature is its magnetic closure hidden in the overlying flap on the lid!

After consuming the tea that came in this box, I stamped and decoupaged colorful torn papers and text and covered up any surfaces on the box that contained lettering. It was a fun project and this box now  graces my beading table!


Faux is great!

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I haven’t worked with bronze metal clay in some time…I just haven’t been “into” it!

But I recently ran out of the flower-shaped disks that I include in my “Bollywood Bling” Beaded Ruffle Cuff design. Then I had an idea…why not use Polymer clay to make the disks? It makes sense because Polymer clay will never tarnish and it’s smoother than metal so it won’t abrade beading thread. Metal clay shrinks while firing so the finished size is always iffy whereas Polymer clay remains the same size both raw and cured. Plus it’s less expensive so I’m able to sell the kit for less! I used Premo! Sculpey Gold #5303 and the finish on these disks is really phenomenal…so rich in color that I doubt Midas could tell the difference!  Win-win!

Santa was most generous!

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If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been working with paper most recently. Well, Santa brought me a lot of new dies from which to create more tiny boxes, envelopes, bags, and if you look in the center of the photo, you’ll see a garland of tiny geometric components.

I’ve just started to play with this die and after making a few components from paper, I can see these worked as beadwoven pieces and I’m also wondering how this design might translate in polymer clay! Obviously, this geometric component will provide hours of exploration and I haven’t even had a chance to experiment with the other dies. Thank you so much, Santa!


I’m sending…

•December 22, 2017 • 2 Comments

Best wishes to you and yours for magical Holidays filled with awe and wonder!

Yes. Most Definitely…

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I will get back to beading and metal work, but every now and then I need to step back from it all and delve into something totally new. In this case, I’ve wandered off into working with paper collage, creating tiny one-of-a-kind boxes, pillow envelopes, bags, and notecards and adding stamped and cut-out embellishment to each. I’m really having fun making these and am finding they are coming in very handy for holiday gift giving! Thus far, they have been very well received! Changing direction periodically and working with a different art form is beneficial because I feel refreshed and ready to return to beading and metal work anew! In the past three weeks I have been making so many little treasure boxes and bags that I’ve decided to list several collections of these in my Etsy shop…just in time for the holidays!

Do you remember this piece?

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This is my “Loch Ness Sea Dragon III” Wrap design (inspired by Contemporary Geometric Beadwork).  I entered it in the Fire Mountain Gems 2017 Seed Bead Contest and the results have just been announced.  Lucky me!  This piece won a Bronze Medal Award in the Fashion Accessories category!  They’ve sent me a gift certificate, which I’ll use to buy more Delica beads and other goodies!  

FMG holds four contests each year: Metal, Creative Clays, Seed Beads, and Swarovski and I always try to have a piece ready to submit by each deadline. I’ll be entering the Metal Contest before it closes in February.  In the meantime, I’ve just renewed my listing for the “Loch Ness Sea Dragon III” Wrap beading kit as well as the tutorial. You’ll find both in my Etsy shop. Happy Beading!

Reflecting on time…

•November 26, 2017 • 2 Comments

When I was a young girl, it seemed that every person over the age of fifty constantly remarked how fast time was passing. I didn’t understand why they felt that way. I’d watch the clock in my classroom edge along at snail pace. I waited for the hands to strike 3 p.m. signaling the end of the school day so I could run home and watch Mickey Mouse Club on TV. I so looked forward to the weekends (they seemed to take forever to arrive!) because I spent them with my father. Every Sunday afternoon he’d take me to Kiddie Land where I’d get to eat cotton candy, ride the tiny Choo-Choo train, and sit in a boat that didn’t need to be steered because it just floated around in a circle!  The three-month summer break from school seemed endless and by August I was actually anticipating going back to school. Waiting for Christmas to arrive was always almost unbearable! So what were these old people talking about? As far as I could tell, time didn’t go fast at all! Did you feel the same about time when you were young?

As I grew to become a busy adult working full-time and dealing with a multitude of daily minutiae, time did seem to pass a bit faster, but weekends still didn’t arrive soon enough. Unlike the Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey, I knew what weekends were and I really looked forward to them! Life was still a waiting game…a “wait and see” for what happens next week, next year, in ten years! There was so much time left!

Now, as I am traveling in what is referred to as “the Golden Years” (surely a misnomer as far as I’m concerned), I can hardly believe how rapidly time passes! I’m busier than ever and weeks fly by as if they were days! With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I haven’t found time to bead in weeks and resin projects have been languishing on my metalsmithing workbench in anticipation of becoming rings and bracelets and pendants! Never more than now have I felt that I need more hours in a day, more days in a week, more months in a year! In fact, I need another lifetime to accomplish all that I’d like! Yet, upon reflection, I am so thankful to be a person who is never bored, one that always has much to do and projects waiting in the wings!




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