Have you tried carving clay?

This is something you can do with both metal clay and polymer clay.  You can create original designs by rolling out and curing small sheets of polymer clay and then carving designs into them to use over and over again.  Metal clay also carves wonderfully.  It must be thoroughly dry or it will break during carving.  Here, I’m carving a design on a bronze metal clay ring.  I carve by holding the piece in my non-dominant hand and propping it against a tiny firmly stuffed pillow form, which helps to cushion my hand and the piece I’m working on.  It’s important to relax while carving as too much tension and pressure can break the piece.  My favorite tools are actually made for woodcarving.  I’ve covered them with polymer clay which makes them easier for me to handle and beautiful as well!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “Have you tried carving clay?”

  1. Very interesting. Where can I get those wood tools? They seem very small.


  2. which set do you have it seems like they have a few


  3. Hi Barabra! I just stumbled upon this post on pinterest, I’ve been carving in metal clay myself, just started, I’ve been having a hard time finding tools that leave fine enough details, as I make a lot of smaller charms and such. I’m excited to check out the wood carving tools you’ve mentioned thanks so much!


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