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Those bronze metal clay stars that I’ve been making are coming in handy already.  I had made this bracelet a while ago, but I always felt that it was a bit thin in the charm department.  Plus, I wanted to add some bronze to it…sterling can look a bit cold on its own.  The tiny bronze metal clay cicada lends warmth and gives the bangle a bit of personality.  And because I am in my “all things green” period, I wanted to add a bit of that color and Chinese turquoise was the perfect addition.  The bead looked a bit naked on its own, but two bronze metal clay stars rectified that problem.  I made them conform to the shape of the bead with the use of my dapping block and punches.  Not only do the star beadcaps look great, they also protect the turquoise bead from damage.  I’ve listed a collection of stars in my Etsy shop.  Bracelets take more abuse than almost any other jewelry, so I’m confident that this bangle will hold up for a long, long time!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 27, 2012.

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