My Task For The Day…

I’d rather be in the studio creating today, but upon receiving an Etsy order for the “Carnival” Geometric Beaded Bracelet kit, I found that I had totally run out of stock.  Composed of thirty different colors (twenty-seven Delica colors, two 11/0 seed bead colors, and one 6/0 color), the kit takes an especially long time to assemble.  As I don’t want to tie up stock that I may need for filling orders of other designs, I usually make up only four kits at a time.  Still printing out the patterns, assembling the jars of beads for measuring and weighing the beads and then labeling and packaging them into one-hundred-twenty packets will certainly take up most of the day.  It all comes with the territory.  This artist can’t just create and play all the time!  I really have to be a jack of all trades; shopkeeper (even if I don’t own a brick and mortar store), bookkeeper, editor, secretary, inventory taker, website guru, PR rep, cleaning and maintenance service, packaging person and office manager, etc.,…good grief, it’s a wonder I get any art jewelry made!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 2, 2019.

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