Lots Going On Here!

Workbench 10-18-19

Lest you surmise that I’ve spent the last few weeks lounging around, eating bon-bons and drinking champagne, this should set the record straight…my
workbench has been a hub of creativity!  I’ve been making components galore that will eventually be used in neckpieces, bracelets and earrings and I’ve been working on several ring designs, some of which will be set with cabochons and others will sport resin faux crystals. Many pieces are in process at the same time as my butterfly eye flits around my workbench surface that is overflowing with geodes, semi-precious stones, vintage pressed glass cabs and tools.  No matter how pristine my work area is at the start of a workday, it inevitably ends up with every inch blanketed with tools and components!  Presently I’m using a lot of square silver wire in my work.  As I have coils of round wire in stock, I’m using a square draw plate (shown center bottom of the large photo) to pull the wire into a square shape and smaller gauge. Works in progressAs much as I love wearing jewelry, I find the process and many challenges that comprise the creation of jewelry to be most exciting!  It’s what makes me want to dash into the studio each and every day!  What’s a weekend?  It’s more time to spend in the studio!  I’m eager to show you finished pieces!  Stay tuned. All in good time!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 18, 2019.

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