Is Bigger Better?

In my opinion, when it comes to rings, bigger is definitely better!  Creating statement rings is what I’m into at the moment and I’m loving them! I’d been working on a trio of sterling silver rings over the past several weeks and have finally finished them.  Each of the rings measures approximately 1.25″ in diameter and are embellished with various textures.  They were all tremendous fun to create although I did encounter several challenges in their execution!

I enjoy making resin components and using them in the jewelry I make.  The resin faux aquamarine crystal used in the above ring was formed in a silicone mold that I made from a cluster of natural crystals.  I love the teal color I was able to achieve by mixing blue and green alcohol inks together.

A natural urchin shell was used to create the silicone mold for the resin faux urchin cabochon used in the ring shown here.  It has wonderful nubbly texture and a sublte iridescent shimmer.  A rectangle of 18k gold bimetal joins the ends of the purposely uneven bezel (because we all know that in nature nothing is exactly perfect!).  A flat oval-shaped platform of scratch-textured sterling silver rests upon the hammer-textured ring band.  

Natural Red Creek Jasper was used in the ring at left.  The cabochon is surrounded by six 4mm decorative orbs on a double plate of sterling silver raised on a tier above the ring band.  I love this trio of rings and feel hard pressed to part with them at present…I have to live with my creations for a while before I can let them go!







~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 4, 2019.

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