I’m resuming the unfinished project that I laid aside while focusing on my “Peace Dove” Bead-Embroidered Brooch. What is this project? It’s a tiny amulet pouch encrusted with bits of coral, pearls, agate and turquoise chips, Czech faceted crystals, Mother of Pearl and shell Heishi beads, bugle and seed beads. The focal component on the front of this piece is a faux ammonite cabochon that I made using epoxy resin clay. On the backside of the pouch I have used a moss agate donut as the focal…I’ve always believed that the back of any work should be as interesting as the front! I’m working on the edging of this piece presently and I ponder whether to finish it with a chain or beaded rope as it is small enough (3” x 1.75”) to wear as a pendant. I’ll decide when I get that far along. And what will I put inside this pouch? Well, it’s the perfect size for a tiny lipstick or tissue which will come in handy when I wear clothing that lack pockets. Or it could hold notes to oneself…reminders, to do lists, or perhaps written words of hope and courage and love. Couldn’t we all use more of those during these tumultuous times?

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on February 11, 2021.

2 Responses to “Today…”

  1. Does it have a button down flap or is your bead work just simulating one? Very nice work, I love the idea of a focal on both sides for a piece that can be reversed should you choose 😀.

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