One Down, One to Go…

I had cataract surgery on my left eye last Wednesday. Post surgery I had quite a bit of discomfort. My follow-up appointment the next day revealed that I had a 4mm abrasion on my cornea. How it happened I don’t know, but fortunately, corneas heal rapidly. A contact “bandaid” lens was applied, which eased the discomfort immensely and within 24 hours the cornea had healed by 85%. The contact lens was removed to allow faster healing. For now, my eyes are somewhat fighting one another and my eyeglasses are pretty useless at this point so I am using readers when necessary. But at six days post-op I am amazed at the clear, bright color I now see with my left eye opposed to the dull greenish tinge my right eye sees. If I close my right eye and just use my left eye I can see the words that I type on my computer screen clearly while the right eye sees everything fuzzy. I look forward to having surgery on my right eye…that will happen on August 24. Obviously, I won’t be doing any beadwork for a while…such fine detail work is presently not advised. But I do have a lot to look forward to once I am able to see clearly with both eyes. I have a fresh supply of bezel wires, pancake dies, and texture plates to play with as well as some beautiful new gemstones! I’m one lucky lady indeed!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 15, 2022.

4 Responses to “One Down, One to Go…”

  1. Glad that the surgery went well! You can expect similar color clarity in the other eye after the next surgery, so I have been told. Judy


  2. Glad that that the discomfort didn’t last long and that you’re healing well!


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